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Client Reviews
It can be a challenge to find an attorney who combines a high degree of competence with accessibility and dependability. For The American Ceramic Society, David Chavous has fulfilled that role consistently. The Society finds itself defending against what we believe to be a meritless patent infringement lawsuit. As we were quick to discover, patent litigation can become very intricate quickly and we are fortunate to have someone as knowledgeable and experienced in patent law as David to be our counsel and advisor. He continues to be thorough in his approach to the case, and responsive to our concerns in the process. We look forward to a successful outcome to our case and, based on activity to date, believe we have made a wise choice in selecting David as our defense attorney. Charlie Spahr
Dave Chavous has an excellent combination of technical and legal knowledge that allows him to support his life sciences clients with their patent portfolios. Additionally, attorney Chavous has been an excellent resource in complex patent litigation and has been an important member of litigation teams supporting positive outcomes in complex patent litigation. If you are looking for a life sciences patent attorney who will be a dedicated advocate, Dave Chavous is an excellent choice. Rob Raleigh