David A. Chavous concentrates on intellectual property litigation. With 15 years of experience in patent law, Dr. Chavous enforces the patent rights of his clients and defends his clients against assertions of patent infringement. He seeks to obtain the best resolution of a case for his clients, through negotiated settlement or by achieving favorable verdicts for his clients at trial. Dr. Chavous’s litigation practice also includes representing clients in trade secret, copyright, trademark, and IP ownership matters. He has represented clients in both state and federal courts in most jurisdictions across the country.

Dr. Chavous also represent clients in the procurement of patents, copyrights, and trademarks, obtaining hundreds of patents, as well as hundreds of trademarks and copyrights, for his clients. His litigation experience informs his intellectual portfolio development strategy so that he can advise clients on smart strategies to obtain and strengthen their intellectual property portfolios. In addition, Dr. Chavous provides legal opinions on the validity of patents, freedom-to-operate for businesses seeking to enter a market space, and the risks associated with IP on a business’ activities. He provides his clients the legal basis for his opinions, how to proceed, and a plan of action if claims are asserted against a client.

Lastly, Dr. Chavous also offers intellectual property audits to identify the weak points in an intellectual property portfolio. Based on his experience litigating intellectual property rights and defending against infringement claims, he analyzes clients’ portfolios to determine potential issues that may devalue their IP position.

Dr. Chavous is a member of the Massachusetts Bar, the United States Patent and Trademark Office bar, and the District of Massachusetts.

Practice Areas

  • Member of Bar of United States Patent and Trademark Office 2007
  • Banhazl v. The American Ceramic Society 2016 to Present
    Represented American Ceramic Society against an aggressive patent litigant who had sued or threatened to sue multiple entities, including ceramic artists.
  • Braintree Laboratories Inc. v. Novel Laboratories 2011-2016
    Co-counsel enforcing patent in ANDA litigation. Victorious at bench trial and appeal.
  • Braintree Laboratories Inc. v. Lannett Pharmaceuticals 2017
    Co-counsel enforcing patent in ANDA litigation. Successful settlement of matter.
  • Oakley v. Zetronix Inc. 2015
    Lead counsel defending client in trademark litigation. Successful settlement for client.
  • Banhazl v. Bel USA Inc. 2016
    Lead counsel defending client against patent claims. Successful settlement of matter.
  • Aurobindo Pharmaceuticals v. Teva Pharmaceuticals 2017 to present
    Co-counsel defending client against IPR proceedings. This matter is still ongoing.
  • Sony ATV v. Direct AutoMall 2016
    Defended client against copyright infringement. Favorable settlement for client.


  • Supreme Court Review of Patent Cases: What Will Follow Ebay, Medimmune, and KSR? Steinberg, Donald R. and Chavous, David
  • Journal of High Technology Law Vol. VIII: No.2 2008
  • PNAS 98, no. 26 14814-18 2001
  • Chavous, David A., L.E. Hake, R.J. Lynch, and C.M. O’Connor. “Translation of A Unique Transcript for Protein Isoaspartyl Methyltransferase in Haploid Spermatids: Implications for Protein Storage and Repair.” Mol. Rep. Dev. 56 (2000): 139-44.
  • Bennet, E.J., J. Bjerregaard, J.E. Knapp, D.A. Chavous, A.M. Friedman, W.E. Royer, Jr., and C.M. O’Connor. “Catalytic Implications from The Drosophila Protein L-isoaspartyl Methyltransferase Structure and Site-directed Mutagenesis.” Biochemistry 42, no. 44 (2003): 12844-53.
  • Chavous, David A., E.J. Bennet, D. Wagner, and C.M. O’Connor. “Overexpression and Characterization of A Protein L-isoaspartyl Methyltransferase from Archaeoglobus Fulgidus.” FASEB Comm. 16 (2000): 1265.
  • Bennet, E.J., D.A. Chavous, and C.M. O’Connor. “Structural Studies of A Protein L-isoaspartyl Methyltransferase in Drosophila Melanogaster.” Pfizer Abs. (2000).
  • Chavous, David A., and C.M. O’Connor. “Developmental Regulation and Localization of A Protein Repair Methyltransferase in Drosophila.” ASCB Comm. 39 (1999): 1461.
  • Boxing, hiking, basketball, gardening

Professional & Bar Association Memberships


    Member Since: 2006

  • BPLA

    Member Since: 2010

  • BBA

    Member Since: 2010


  • Boston College Law School - J.D. - 2004

    Tobin Intellectual Property Scholarship; cum laude graduate

  • Boston College Ph.D. Program - Ph.D.

    Research Fellowship 1999-2001;
    Graduate Research Award 2001;
    Graduate Teaching Award 2000;
    Graduate Student Government Representative 1998-1999

  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst/Honors College - B.S. - 1995

    Graduated cum laude;
    Research assistant in plant biology lab;
    Attended Honors College;
    Member of MassPIRG

Client Reviews

June 8, 2018. It can be a challenge to find an attorney who combines a high degree of competence with accessibility and dependability. For The American Ceramic Society, David Chavous has fulfilled that role consistently. The Society finds itself defending against what we believe to be a meritless...

Charlie Spahr - Executive Director

Dave Chavous has an excellent combination of technical and legal knowledge that allows him to support his life sciences clients with their patent portfolios. Additionally, attorney Chavous has been an excellent resource in complex patent litigation and has been an important member of litigation...

Rob Raleigh - Braintree Labs

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